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We at Ergosign really love "kickern" (foosball) and we love digital gadgets. Over the last years the idea of interconnecting all kicker-tables in our different offices grew stronger and stronger. On one cold winter weekend members of Ergosign huddled together in our headquarters and hacked a solution consisting of a "smart" table, a central scoring archive and a standalone iOS app that functions even without a connected table.

Live tracking performed by the table

Our table tracks all scores and posts them to the central XKicker server. Recognized players, live scores and animations can be shown on interactive displays mounted to the table. Setup instructions and source code will be made available on Github shortly. All components can be ordered at our friends at exp-tech.de.

Hall of fame located in the cloud

The XKicker server offers player management and statistics such as rankings based on all recorded games. It also serves XKicker as the central hub to broadcast live scores to connected iPhones. For starters only one central league is available through the app. In the future we will offer a setup of individual leagues as well for private benchmarking.

Touch the Game with the iOS App

With our iOS app you can have the advantage of recording your games even without a connected table. Just register yourself and your opponents right within the app for free and start recording scores. Scores can be counted with a single touch and are available live on the central XKicker server. Available on the App Store soon.